A Few Notes from the Senior Editor of MYB

 •  The position of senior editor of Miami YearBook appears to require that someone know everything about photography, videography, art, the written word, music, social media, e-mail marketing, business management, etc.    Well, if that's true, then I am particularly undergifted for the assignment, but I have a plan: I'm going to ask that contributors send in only their  best works while I limit my responsibilities to finding places to display their efforts. Simple.

 • Immediately below you'll find a video entitled YONKO'S GICLEE - a project demonstrating one way in which Miami YearBook can be an asset - via video - to the artists of our community.  Please take a look.

 • Another of our goals is to establish an ongoing collaborative writing project where the story is invented and grown by the readers.  ZEROPOINTE is our first effort in this dierction.  Following the Yonko Giclee video is a link to a Vimeo video that purports to introduce you to the members of the cast.  There is no story line in the video - watch it - see if it inspires you to pick up your pen and start writing.  Download the writer's kit to help you get started.

YONKO'S GICLEE - A flash of Posters and Giclee of John Yonko

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